Young Adults Ministry

We aim to provide an environment where Young Adults can grow spiritually, develop relationships with others, and learn about God through Bible study, prayer, worship, and community service.

Are you having difficulties in your life, education, or work? Do you desire to improve yourself, make friends, get married, start a family, or simply live a happy life? You can do so by joining our Christ-centered community. Our church offers gathering classes, small group meetings, and an opportunity to learn and share your story with others Youth who understand. 

The goal of youth (18 to 30) Ministry is to integrate the Gospel into the daily lives of Young Adults so that they may be transformed and become influencers in society. We encourage Young Adults to connect intentionally with one another and explore the things in Life that Really Matter. Youth Groups are led by sister Rita. She is very passionate about seeing young adults make a difference in their communities and churches.

We are here to assist young adults to develop a lifetime intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Once a month the youth group meets at the church and the primary purpose of the gathering is to provide an atmosphere where people can come together to share in God’s love and grace. They also offer opportunities to meet new friends and build lasting relationships. We always begin with a brief prayer, followed by a teaching session, and conclude with testimony and discussion sessions.

Are you new to El-Shaddai?

For more information, please call (613) 796 – 1186. We’d love to hear more about you and connect you with someone who can help you grow closer to God through Jesus Christ.