Children’s Ministry

We believe that every parent should give the opportunity to their children know God.

We’re dedicated to partnering with parents so that children can grow into fully devoted followers of Christ! Through age-specific lessons and activities, children ages birth through 6th grade learns biblical truths about God, His Son Jesus, and how to live life according to His Word. They also develop skills needed to help them make wise choices and follow God’s plan for their lives.

The Bible is the best book ever written, and our goal is to make sure children can read it and enjoy it. Through creative activities and discussions that encourage them to apply what they’re learning to their own lives, we hope they’ll come to love God’s Word. They’ll also have fun each week as we teach them about God through games, activities, discussion groups, and videos.

When your child attends the Sunday service each week, they will be surrounded by a small circle of friends who know your family and love your child just as much as you do. Your child will learn how to make new friends, develop leadership skills, and practice sharing his/her faith with others.

Is your family new to El-Shaddai?

We’d love to hear more about your familly and connect you with someone who can help you grow closer to God through Jesus Christ.