We want to empower our women to impact their workplaces, communities, and most importantly, their families for the Kingdom of God.

We believe that everyone should feel welcome at our church. Our services are open to anyone who wants to worship Jesus Christ. Whether you’re new to Christianity or have been practicing your faith for years, we invite you to join our women’s ministry.

At El Shaddaï Church we want, new Christians, married women, working women, homemakers, new moms, experienced moms, grandmothers, aunts and sisters to come together to laugh, share, learn, commune and love one another according to the will of god.

Activities of women’s ministry include: 

  • The annual women’s conference;
  • Strengthened days of prayer during the year ;
  • Meetings with women once a month about various issues;
  • Involvement of women in the protocols and different departments;

For more information, please call 613 796-1186.